It is really very tough task to keep an eye on your linux server to monitor its status and usages. Instead of spending alot of time by manually checking your server status, its advisable to use server monitoring tools, which can help you to monitor server performances. There are many Self hosted and cloud hosted tools are available to get status of your server. If you are not too much familiar with installing many self hosted tools, you can use Nodequery which is very lightweight and provide a alot of usefull information about server. In any unexpected downtime or high usages of server you will get notified through email.

For more information visit : Nodequery


Step 1:

Go to Nodequery website and signup for free BETA account.

Step 2:

After confirming your new account and logging in to your control panel, dashboard will be available. It should be empty as you’ve not added any server.

Step 3:

Click “New Server” and enter the details for your server.
Now click on create server.

Step 4:

Next, you’ll need to install the agent on your server.
Read the instructions carefully, copy the install command and run it on the server you wish to monitor. you can find something like below.

wget -N --no-check-certificate && bash CApmLqc98BrQbvL7D0IzaUWxxxxxxxxx

After successful installation of nodequery on your server, it will be available on your dashboard. From there you can check many information about your server.

Nodequery provides a very simple and good GUI to get through details of server.

Deleting a server

If you choose to remove a server from your nodequery account, go into server details and click edit. At the bottom there is a button to remove the server.

Again, just copy the command and run it on the selected server. After that, NodeQuery agent can be removed using the command given in the next page.

Due to its low foot print it can run on Low end boxes. Nodequery is compatible with most popular linux distributions – Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, ArchLinux, Fedora, Slackware and Gentoo.


Nodequery website

Note : you can use nodequery with serverpilot to monitor your self hosted wordpress installation.